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Corinne is an absolute pleasure to work with and she is a PR hustler. When I launched Roaming Hunger, Corinne helped me with our initial communications efforts and did an outstanding job securing coverage and strategizing our message. Highly recommended! - Ross Resnick, Roaming Hunger

I was impressed by Corinne in the very first meeting I had with her. Mostly because I learned later that Ubisoft was her first video gaming gig, and yet she came up with a solution to distribute beta keys to consumers (with complications) that the entire room of a dozen-plus gamers couldn't come up with. Just that one anecdote exemplifies who Corinne is - an out-of-the-box, never-intimidated, creative thinker who thrives at being a solutions-oriented free-spirit who is an asset to any team that's lucky enough to have her. - Lisa Pendse, Ubisoft

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