Welcome to Let's be Frank

Welcome to my blog, Let's be Frank - a hodgepodge of marketing industry news and personal ramblings. All, of course, frank 'AF.' I've been day dreaming about starting this blog for over a year now, but as a freelancer, I find it next to impossible to make quality and productive time for myself. But today is different. I had one meeting on the calendar and no pressing deadlines (and maybe three coffees before noon). So...

Here we go.

I've been thinking a lot lately about personal tone. As a marketer and writer, I don countless brand personas and voices. So much so, that I started to wonder if I still even had a "personal tone" of my own - hence the extra determination to finally get this thing up and running.

For me, this is a place to be 100 percent Corinne. Where I can write what I want, how I want. Of course, I am a marketer and I love what I do, so you may come across the occasional industry news and musings - but no promises you won't also stumble upon some seemingly random poems in progress along the way.

I encourage you to share your voice as well. In the comments section, at the dinner table, in life, however you feel fit. And if you need a little extra inspirational nudge, maybe spend a little time with my logo and blog namesake, Frank. Or maybe just this, which ten years later, is still just as amazing and true:


Do you, always.